Carol Sae-Yang

Behind the scenes

with four amazing women


After her 1 on 1 personal styling experience, solicitor and mum of three, Jae was ready for her close up. A brand new set of images to show off her new look, new clothes and confidence. For detailed information about personal styling and photoshoots visit
What a pleasure to style and re-brand this gorgeous girl's image back in 2016. Here is the behind the scene photoshoot with JL and her luscious locks and wicked sense of humour. Business owners & Leaders enhance results. Raise the bar on human performance, business strategy, client experiences and profits for meaningful impact.
One on one personal styling sessions gave Kim the confidence to go ahead and sign up for this profile photo shoot. For someone who 'really' hates having her photos taken...she sure knows how to work that smile! Kim Vella Coaching is a Canberra-based executive coaching business, specialising in leadership workshops and one-on-one coaching.
Smart, sexy and beautiful! This girl is the most unassuming and sweetest thing you'll ever meet. I'm just speechless. She's been the most lovely client for almost 3 years now and would come up to Sydney to shop with me.