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The smartest and most effective spring spruiking products to rejuvenate your body not come in the form of a beauty salon splurge. Before you book a visit to your local salon for an end of winter de-forestation of body hair, a pedicure and perhaps a spray tan, get yourself primed at home.

As we strip off the clothing layers to reveal bare limbs, now is the perfect time to prep with a thorough body scrub to slough away dry skin especially as we’re reaching for our gradual tanning rubs and sprays which never look streaky on smooth limbs. Body exfoliation also helps keep ingrown hairs at bay so be sure to maintain weekly scrubbing regularly after hair removal to help would-be ingrown hairs to push through the skin instead of curling under it. Over the long term, a good exfoliation routine will give you a more even skin tone and helps skin care products (like serums and moisturisers) perform at their best. Start from your ankles and generally work in circular movements, concentrating on the areas that get congested with dead skin like your elbows and knees. This will make your moisturiser sink in a dream.

Whilst coffee scrubs are all the rage for their intense scouring qualities, personally, I prefer to drink a latte, not smell of one, and the dark grounds make a mess over my white bathroom tiles.

My alternative favourite body scrubs include:  

Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish

This body scrub smells like a newly cracked coconut and freshly picked Moroccan roses (subtle, not sickly sweet). It's also 100 percent natural and contains a healthy dose of detoxifying pink clay, plus tiny sugar granules which produce a non-irritating scrubbing experience that's suitable for sensitive skin. It’s highly moisturising too. 

Available online and at Sephora stores, $51



REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub 

Containing no sweet or perfumed scent, this scrub will have you succumbing to total body rejuvenation and relaxation. Gym junkies or yogi’s, as it’s enriched with fresh sea and magnesium (Epsom) salts, it not only smoothes and polishes skin but it relieves muscle fatigue. Atlantic kelp extract and microalgae oil delivers a rich dose of the ocean’s essential minerals and replenishes skin, leaving it detoxified, hydrated and silky-soft. To achieve this therapeutic benefit, massage it into dry skin then soak yourself in a really warm bath, allowing the oils and salts to diffuse deeply through your body. For a quicker fix, simply apply to dry skin in a circular motion for a few minutes and rinse it off in the shower. 

Available at Mecca stores and selected department stores, $53



AESOP’S Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

Packaged in a tube, this scrub is perfect to travel with. Its forest-fresh aroma instantly invigorates your senses too (better still if you back-up with the Geranium Leaf moisturiser). Gel-based, It’s best applied on wet skin where the natural blend of Bamboo Stem and Pumice really slough away dead surface cells and polish the skin. The Geramium flower oils not only hydrate the skin, but also act as a natural inhibitor of mosquitoes, so it’s the ideal evening summer scrub. 

Available at all Aesop outlets and select department stores, from $39

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