Carol Sae-Yang


Peter, 52, Real Estate Agent
Hello Carol, I came to work today in my new trendy clobber and there was almost a riot! The attention, compliments and approval was almost overwhelming!! An awesome reaction and validation. So a huge thank you!!
— Peter, 52, Real Estate Agent
Carol Sae-Yang
Drew, 37, Hospitality manager | Chef
Having a wedding party of 14 was always going to be a challenge! Carol conceptualised every aspect of the overall look, from flowers and table settings to designing the two couture outfits for me plus the bridesmaids, flower girls and the mother-of-the bride outfit. She really went above and beyond the call of duty.
— Drew and Tom, 37, Hospitality manager | Chef
Sophie, 18, University Student
As a graduation present, my aunt gave me a session with Carol. Even with my limited budget, Carol was able to help me purchase a number of items. Learning to dress and present myself better has given me the confidence I need to move on to the next stage of my life. 
— Sophie, 18, University Student