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Gift Card - Styling

Gift Card - Styling


Give someone a new season update, providing them with the advice they need to feel inspired, informed and empowered. Gift recipients can choose from any one of 3 services: Slashing, Shopping and Styling.


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01 . Slashing

use it or lose it

( 2 hours consultation)

This 1-on-1 session begins in the comfort of the recipient’s home editing their wardrobe and identifying what to keep, alter, donate and discard with signature precision. They’ll receive honest and professional feedback about what colours, fabrics, cuts and styles best suit their personality and lifestyle whist flattering their body shape.

Within one week they’ll receive a Client Login so they can access their customised Style File. Forget style-stalking, this evaluation champions the individual. It includes:
- A personalised mood board incorporating key looks;
- A list identifying sustainable staples that may be missing from their closet that will mesh with existing separates.

02 . Shopping

hit the streets for a wardrobe refresh

(2 hours shopping expedition)

Prior to meeting, the recipient will be contacted to discuss their wardrobe requirements and to determine which stores will be visited in accordance with their budget and lifestyle. On location they’ll receive tips and advice on which colours, styles and fabrics flatter them best.

Most makeover shops usually involve stocking up on the basics to build a capsule wardrobe and investing in one or two ‘future classics’ – timeless pieces to wear now and love forever. It will also incorporate ‘hero buys’ – key seasonal pieces that can modernise and renew an entire closet plus a few current runway looks.

03 . Styling

time to work it

(2 hours styling session)

Back amongst the recipient’s wardrobe, a 1-on-1 consultation demonstrates how to maximise their closet’s potential. They’ll be shown how key seasonal trends can be woven in and how to mix and match accessories for individual looks. Mastering the art of layering, recognising where hemlines should hit for the most flattering effect, and smashing the art of power pairing are just some of the skills they’ll learn, plus how to take their look from the office to an evening engagement.

Each outfit scenario is photographed for their personal referral and added to their Style File, it's made available to them via a Client Login which they can access 24/7 on the website.